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Thursday, April 9, 2015

USSS Support Routing and Staff fan Jurisdiction to Saint Petersburg Florida 9/10

All Transportation to follow from Like IAH to MCO of area of Regions of following A North Platte Nebraska A1 Omaha Nebraska A2 Sioux Falls South Dakota A3 Traverse Michigan A4 Jackson Mississippi B Erie Pennsylvania the routing through IAH +/- 48 hours of 9/10 April 2015 make sure Taxes are filed the following current staff

Patty Martinez
11 Supervisors
each Supervisor 20 Crew Leaders each Crew 20 Personal of USSS in as much also
7 Support Supervisors
In as much each Supervisors 13 Crew Leaders
each Crew 20 Personal and Radio 3 Supervisors A and A1 crews of 10 each one Relay Supervisor B Crew of 10 one TTY A3 with Classified Crew 5 plus/minus

All other information for Lodging pie diem transportation same as IA of phase AB


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