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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Decrease due to Jurisdiction of Law Enforcement N/A Federal Crime Alert (04/23/2015 11:26am) - by SpotCrime

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Date: Apr 23, 2015 11:23 AM
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Your Local Crime Alert



25.00 Miles around 2595 54th Ave N Rm 252 Saint Petersburg Florida 33714

Crime Map

WTSP Tampa News Leader

Local Crime News in your Tampa Neighborhood
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault04/22/15 09:54 PM6200 BLOCK OF 34TH ST N PINELLAS PARKDetails
BTheft04/16/15 11:15 AMN/ADetails
CAssault04/15/15 07:09 PMN/ADetails
DOther04/23/15 12:14 AM34TH ST N AND 35TH AVE N ST PETERSBURGDetails
EAssault04/20/15 08:59 AMN/ADetails
FAssault04/23/15 09:17 AM5100 BLOCK OF 48TH AVE NDetails
GOther04/22/15 11:45 PM38TH AVE N AND 49TH ST N ST PETERSBURGDetails
HAssault04/14/15 08:50 AMN/ADetails
JOther04/23/15 05:19 AM5800 BLOCK OF 54TH AVE N KENNETH CITYDetails
KAssault04/20/15 10:28 PMN/ADetails
LOther04/22/15 08:18 PM5700 BLOCK OF 40TH AVE N KENNETH CITYDetails
MOther04/22/15 11:28 PM5600 BLOCK OF 58TH WAY N KENNETH CITYDetails
NAssault04/22/15 07:28 PM4100 BLOCK OF 58TH ST N KENNETH CITYDetails
OTheft04/14/15 10:51 AMN/ADetails
PTheft04/22/15 03:10 PM6300 BLOCK OF 40 AVE N ST.PETERSBURGDetails
QOther04/18/15 06:55 AMN/ADetails
ROther04/20/15 08:00 AMN/ADetails
SVandalism04/19/15 10:30 AMN/ADetails
TBurglary04/19/15 04:18 PMN/ADetails
UTheft04/17/15 12:30 PMN/ADetails
VAssault04/16/15 12:10 PMN/ADetails
WOther04/23/15 02:39 AM6700 BLOCK OF 54TH AVE N ST PETERSBURGDetails
XTheft04/19/15 07:00 PMN/ADetails
YTheft04/09/15 08:00 AMN/ADetails
ZOther04/22/15 11:35 AM6700 BLOCK OF 86TH AVE N PINELLAS PARKDetails
Other04/23/15 06:38 AM6700 BLOCK OF 86TH AVE N PINELLAS PARKDetails
Theft04/20/15 07:00 PMN/ADetails
Other04/23/15 12:02 AM5000 BLOCK OF JERSEY AVE S GULFPORTDetails
Assault04/23/15 07:46 AM900 BLOCK OF 58TH ST S GULFPORTDetails
Other04/22/15 01:03 PM900 BLOCK OF 58TH ST S GULFPORTDetails
Other04/22/15 06:37 PM900 BLOCK OF 58TH ST S GULFPORTDetails
Other04/19/15 03:54 PMN/ADetails
Other04/19/15 03:50 PMN/ADetails
Other04/22/15 02:55 PM12500 BLOCK OF US 19 N PINELLAS PARKDetails
Other04/22/15 07:20 PM59TH ST S AND 19TH AVE S GULFPORTDetails
Theft04/22/15 10:12 PM50TH ST S AND 27TH AVE S GULFPORTDetails
Theft04/18/15 09:33 AMN/ADetails
Theft04/19/15 02:18 PMN/ADetails
Theft04/20/15 01:25 PMN/ADetails
Vandalism04/17/15 02:39 AMN/ADetails
Theft04/19/15 08:10 AMN/ADetails
Other04/20/15 11:26 AMN/ADetails
Other04/19/15 12:51 PMN/ADetails
Burglary04/16/15 10:30 AMN/ADetails
Assault04/20/15 01:08 PMN/ADetails
Other04/23/15 07:28 AM1100 BLOCK OF PASADENA AVE S SOUTH PASADENADetails
Other04/23/15 05:06 AM1200 BLOCK OF PASADENA AVE S SOUTH PASADENADetails
Theft04/19/15 11:00 PMN/ADetails
Other04/22/15 02:31 PM7700 BLOCK OF STARKEY RD SEMINOLEDetails

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