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Saturday, April 25, 2015

So Mexico hold on Tequila ended with Macmillan with his head rolling

So one may Think Jose Cuervo translation to Joesph Castillo is that Jose Cuervo is the true Tequila grinding all a Cactus to make the drink but the real Jose Cuervo (Joesph Castillo) come from Florida near Saint Augustine Today Florida at which Mexico wanted some Rule but instead lopped off Macmillan head leaving Mexico to itself so back to the original 1590 Tequila comes from high sugar content of Cactus "Apple" but not a Tree Apple like cider but from a distilled Sugar of The Apple of The Cactus so enjoy one of the oldest Liquor of The United States of America in Migration of Castillo family which include Perea and Morse.

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