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Saturday, April 18, 2015

North Dakota Law Dispatch choose not to contact Department of Human Services but did a all call for Child Pick up

Child Abuse Laws

Code Section50-25.1-01, et seq.
What Constitutes AbuseSuffering from serious physical harm or traumatic abuse caused other than by accidental means including sexual abuse, assault, exploitation, corruption or solicitation
Mandatory Reporting Required ByPhysician, nurse, dentist, optometrist, coroner, medical or mental health professional, religious practitioner, school teacher/administrator, social worker, day care center worker, police/law enforcement officer*, addiction counselor, school counselor, clergy
Basis of Report of Abuse/neglectHaving knowledge or reasonable cause to suspect that a child is abused or neglected or has died as a result of abuse or neglect
To Whom ReportedDept. of Human Services or its designee
Penalty for Failure to Report or False ReportingClass B misdemeanor; unless made to law enforcement officer, then Class A misdemeanor; willfully make false report, also liable for all civil damages including exemplary damages

*Single not a Radio "All Call" with a all call shows interest in child

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