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Thursday, April 2, 2015

History of Korea

Guy Perea

Here's some History Nancy in 1969 the first underscore of Korea and The United States was developed abroad The USS CONSTELLATION CVA64 in the Sea of Japan boundaries shared by The Soviet Union, The People's of China and Korea the augument is position of Korea itself in 1969 the location was accept is Manichean of former Japan and Manichean warfare The moved North to near 45 degrees North into Soviet Union and People's Republic of China and in a Stand of The USS CONSTELLATION CVA64 such was and still accepted of five Countries Japan, Korea, Soviet Union, People's Republic of China and The United States of America as agreed at that Time by President on the USS CONSTELLATION CVA64 in Spring of 1969 later President Nixon signed final Confidential agreement with all Countries involved and Senator thank you for your Fact finding

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