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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Obama Veto is required by Law as Elector Vetoed a number of weeks prior and the Reason is based on Valdez and Alaskan Pipeline

There are only four days left until Republicans’ toxic grandstanding shuts down the Department of Homeland Security, and they still don’t have a plan to dig our country out of this, their latest manufactured crisis. The Senate has now voted four times to reject Republicans’ radical anti-immigrant priorities. House Republicans need to wake up. Our homeland security is not a political hostage, it is Congress’s most important responsibility to the American people. My full statement:

But involving Keystone Veto is based on a closed meeting in Victoria British Columbia Canada and The United States Navy in 1970 the meeting is a share this d a number of rights of Southern Alaska to Seattle that egress and ingress of rights from Southern Alaska through Extreme Western Canada into Extreme Northern Washington the Oil fields of Alaska through the Alaskan Pipeline to oil tankers out of Valdez Alaska The Pipeline shall Continue from Valdez to Seattle Washington and thus free the Ocean shipments in favor of a extension of the International Park of Canada and The United States a share of oil shall be configure based on the total completion of the Pipeline from the oil fields of Alaska to Seattle Washington the area of Canada share is within her boundaries of Southern Alaska to Canada and The United States just North of Seattle the timeline of Canada share is a volume based on area over British Columbia Canada and Tariff through Victoria Bounds for share 60 percent United States and 40 percent Canada the Timeline is the flow speed of the whole Pipeline as stated Completed in 2017 if delay Congress shall cause vary of Treaty of 1970 and shall pay Canada loss of revenue and Oil shall cease producing in Alaska the amount Canada receive is based in United States Miles equal 5280 feet each and total with Canada bounds shall release to Canada except Victoria of Tariff is flow back to the United States and then miles of Victoria shall percent back to Canada 40 percent and 60 percent to The United States of America the flow shall complete in Seattle in as environment state safe location of storage and process as related to Canada that is their Measure and Their Business of Storage and process but no storage and or process is within the easement of The Alaskan Verdict and Canada Alaskan Pipeline in measure to Storage and Process and such The Building of such is by The United States Navy and assistance of Royal Canadian Navy in Canada Bounds the pay in United States Navy is with Hazard Pay with Basic Living Quarters for their Families main Construction is The United States Navy Sea Bee beginning is based on funding of Congress 2015 to Complete in 2017 see your local United States Navy Recruiter

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