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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Native Americans Bambi Project is beyond explicit Sex and Obamasexcare

Some have called this nothing more than corporate welfare. Well, I will tell my colleagues that in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, what the
Federal Government has done, at a cost of $1 million apiece, is they
have reintroduced wolves into the State of Idaho as ``nonessential
experimental populations.'' They are costing ranchers and farmers
thousands and thousands of dollars. Not only are they costing ranchers and farmers money, they are decimating our elk and deer herds.
  Ranchers would like to take care of this problem themselves.
Unfortunately, there are substantial penalties and fines involved. It
has been said that the Fish and Wildlife Service does not use other
nonlethal means of trying to maintain control of these predators. The fact is that we capture them, we trap them, we have taken them to other parts of the State, as far away as 300 and 400 miles; and we find that within 2, 3, 4 days, a week, they are back in their original location, oftentimes.
  In fact, last week I was in Idaho in the Saw Tooth Mountains, and I
bought this book; and I would like to take just a moment to reintroduce my colleagues or introduce my colleagues to the Saw Tooth pack of wolves in the State of Idaho. Now, I have to admit, these are beautiful animals. In fact, if we look at this page here, this is their class picture in the nice, soft focus. This is Komoto, the alpha leader. He is regal, confident and benevolent. This here is Moto. He is of middle rank. He is bright, curious and energetic. He also initiates play. Unfortunately, let me show my colleagues what play looks like to Bambi. This is what play looks like to Bambi.
  Now, I will tell my colleagues, they are causing great problems in
the State of Idaho. But we knew as part of the deal of reintroduction
of these wolves as a nonessential experimental population is that we
would have to manage some of them. We would have to kill some of the wolves that got out of control. That was part of the deal.
Unfortunately, we have had to do that. Anyone that thought we were
going to reintroduce wolves into Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, or New York had better be prepared to deal with the problem wolves that
occur. It is not just in the wilderness. We have mothers that are standing by school buses in Salmon, Idaho, because wolves are on the borders of the communities.

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