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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blogspot as of March 23 2015 is removing blogs in "Sexual Explicit" without Law to Public Taste further information on Contrary Notwithstanding to Google and Android decisions

H.R. 603--A bill to amend the Communications Act of 1934 in order to prohibit the television broadcasting of programs portraying nudity, obscenity, or explicit sexual activity which is offensive to the public taste and morals; to the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Id. 2257A(b). Furthermore, the Act requires that producers of material covered by the statute ``shall maintain the records Google at their business premises, or at such other place as the Attorney General may by regulation prescribe and shall make such records available to the Attorney General for inspection at all reasonable times.'' Id. 2257A(c). Producers also must ``cause to be affixed to'' matter containing the visual depictions covered by section 2257A ``a statement describing where the records required by this section with respect to all performers depicted in that copy of the matter may be located,'' Id. 2257A(e)(1), and the Act makes it illegal, inter alia, ``for any person knowingly to sell or otherwise transfer, or offer for sale or transfer'' any such matter ``which does not have affixed thereto Google a statement describing where the records required by this section may be located,'' id. 2257A(f)(4).
Criminal Acts apply to Google and Android to record keeping on their Search engine.

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