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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Obama in Disability

Keystone was a earmark process to process a fast track away from first Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico for BP lobbyist while in Court hearing to allow cross Jurisdictions of Obama into Congress without The Vice President which he Obama was caught in a attempt to call Houses together using only the 2nd Article of the United States Constitution without the 12th Amendment Bill of Rights of The United States Constitution the only other access is if Obama is Crazy or Physical Disability to enter into Law with the Articles as The Elector has the only healthy call of both Houses with or without the Vice President and the anger he Obama is close to Pyscotic from his many failures and the knowledge of a planed Pipeline from Valdez Alaska to Seattle Washington caused his Obama psychosis to go crazy as one in disability if he Obama wish to continue to attack Congress on its move without the Elector then The of President disability shall come to pass and Elector in His pleasure shall take his position.

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