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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Obama Conflict with "American Republic"

Its not the Liberals that are against America it's the American Republic talking America do you all remember the 3rd Reich? Well let bring attention to the 3rd Reich you see the first and second Reich were a order of Succession of Royal line of the First Reich out of The Married Kingdom of Austria and World One was about breaking the First Reich into a facto government of the Second Reich the Treaty called all to lay arms down for the divide at the end of the First Reich to go either to The Second Reich or go to a Country that did accept for Citizenship in that the Second Reich Scattered throughout the Earth now The Third Reich not include Hitler Stages a gathering of all Reich together and World War II begin to gather the Reich's only "Master Race" In The United States of America we have a Articles of Confederation "Not the Civil War Confederation" but our separation from The United Kingdom's Constitute and allow our Articles to be the Framework of Today's Federal Government next a Convention came forward to give Citizens Rights if in Political Science the Center of Gravity Doctrine shows us that the Federal Government is First much like Germany's 1st Reich then in The Federal Convention we again begin a second approach to Government in that much again like Germany's 2nd Reich and in that The Bill of Rights of The United States Constitution stops a 3rd move in Government not like Germany's move of Nazi the point is the new move by what is called "America Republic" is attempt to push The Failure of Germany's move of its 3rd Reich into The United States of America our Foundation in such The "America Republic" is a Nazi move of Government and subject to charges of Treason.

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