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Monday, March 2, 2015

Jeb Bush discussion of The 2000 Election

Interviewer "I" Jeb I understand that you as new Governor of Florida you had changes from Governor CHILDES
Jeb Bush "JB" yes, Lewton Childes Governor had and still does a Secretary of State Sandra Motham
I, Then you kept the Secretary of State of Florida
JB; well, I did when I first entered office but some list was given to me to choose another replacement
I; Since taking office in January of 2000 wasn't that a little early?
JB; Well the election placed me in office in November 1999 for 2000 and Governor Childs was in a area of incompetent
I; Did a Psychology or Psychologist state so?
JB; No
I; Then how did you take office?
JB; I requested Sandra Motham to pronoun the Oath of office but she refused as January 2000 hasn't arrived
I; Then why are you disclosing what happen now?
JB; Internal Revenue Service
I; Then who did the Oath of Office for you?
JB; A Clerk as um I think from California named Kathryn Harris
I; What happen after the Oath of Office?
JB; As News Media there I took office and appointed Kathryn Harris as Secretary of State
I; Is what happen a proper way to take office?
I; had no more response from Jeb Bush as he left the office of the Interview and the Interview ended.

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