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Monday, March 2, 2015

Jeb Bush begins a run in The Bush Dynasty Disqualified from the Elector

Form Former President Clinton Love affair from FOX News and now FOX a Pirate channel that a few hackers built out of CBS now mainlining into Han Dynasty oh my I mispronounce the Bush Dy Nasty oh wait a minute its Political incest in The United States called the Bush Dynasty now here is the problem of using Dynasty's in Government the Elector and Courts have to have Case Law we have witness of Adams and Adams also Roosevelt and Roosevelt but nothing on Bush Bush and Bush now mind you Bush Bush and Bush does sound Legal enough but now breaks most Insurance Laws in the United States of now changing Dynasty to Associate's now Associate's can work in Law through The Bar which is not a Commission but In Insurance only the Commission is dealing power of Insurance Fiduciary Trust Accounts as the Courts and Bar have dealing power of Fiduciary Trust Accounts yet there in no Bush Articles of Corporation to allow Security Exchange to deal again with Subchapter S "Family" Corporation and or Standard Market Corporation to know the Inside Trading of the Bush Bush and Bush of Influence on The Government Executive Budget of The President of The United States in Adams and Adams along with Roosevelt and Roosevelt are to The United States Court of Appeal fall within Appear as Married also know at times a Partnership under Limited conditions but when three families members come forward without any current disclosure of its inside trades and influence of Favorite Power within The President of The United States a Dynasty begins and thus removes freedom of choice of The Presidential Elector and as such Jeb Bush is disqualified from any Executive Position in The United States includes President Vice President all Cabinets and Governor thereof etc etc

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