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Monday, March 23, 2015

GameKnot - Your turn to move vs annalesearcher02

This chess game that is used in varies Countries Cohort in Move of Political power is cheated as I just started the game and a unknown unset operative changes the move from Three days to following Opponent: annalesearcher02
Time: 2 days 23 hours
Playing as Black the point is I join to play alone then a unknown operative came forward my intend is to play with the Computer such game world wide have no Median without Computer access and protection of The Nexus

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Date: Mar 23, 2015 7:26 PM
Subject: GameKnot - Your turn to move vs annalesearcher02
To: "guyperea1" <>

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Hello, guyperea1!

It is now your turn to move in the Chess game vs annalesearcher02:
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And possibly in other games as well, by the time you read this email:
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Chess Board #22765071 Status: my move
Opponent: annalesearcher02
Time: 2 days 23 hours
Playing as Black
Notes: -

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