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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wind Advisory Hirado Region

Check the wind at Hirado

Note: Treason such call in suspect is in like a spot in a feast such as on the Floor of House either the Senate or House of Representatives is a feast of Free Speech yet another full act of Treason such would be Benedict Arnold Prisoners to take back to England yet General Washington stop such move of Arnold and held the Prisoners in The New United States of America in such Benedict Arnold was and is charged with Treason in retrospect Janet Reno former Attorney General of The United States was charged with Treason but false charges from Waco etc. etc. As she did not interfere with Prisoners yet lately since 1999 Prisoners have move to change into Private to again to complete Benedict Arnold move to move Prisoner's away from The United States even further into works of Treason is a Capture of a Elector to take from The United States such are Acts of Treason beyond Suspect

Guy Perea Presidential Elector President of The United States

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