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Thursday, January 15, 2015

High for The Continental United States with note to a number of Terrorist Acts

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A number of events occurred from Belgium clean out all the way to what's going on with Turkey and as I have stated prior We The United States of America are not interest in Arms toward ourselves Ally of Turkey and if involving Syria such as been dealt with The United Nations and former worker of The United Nations Barack Obama the Terrorism attacks have now developed Belgium a clean and fine Counter Terrorist move and The United States shall not interest except Recon of Lands of Broader of Syria and Turkey and shall not fire upon any small collective group's of Turkey and Syria and in such Turkey has capabilities to stop a invasion if such forces push beyond Arms abilities The United States and Russia shall hold Broader from Terrorism attacks and such shall continue to allow The United States complete a agreed Peace Treaty of Iraq to amendment within the Baghdad Treaty such brief shall assist in Policy

Guy Perea Presidential Elector President of The United States

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