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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Flood Warning New York and Note

Flood Warning at New York Until: Sun, 6:00 pm EDT #mycast

What is the Party of The Presidential Elector?
Such is forbidden by Federal Law a Presidential Elector is not authorized to belong to a Party their Position is to Call The Houses together by the Clerk of both Houses through Judiciary cases involving a Election Dispute if a Court is used without the Elector against a President elect or in office then the one in office "Mainly the President is impeach" unless the office is held by a Unknown Military either Domestic or International therefore it is better to watch a State of a Union that such speaking is a Custom and not the Federal Law as such use of Congress is primary a Citizens demand of Represented from Source of income of Taxation and not a Political statement of a Impeach office holder in such without a Elector that in example that The United Kingdom state is useless and for such We The People declared our Independence from The United Kingdom Constitution and in use of a Constitution drawing into United Kingdom a second Government then Obama and his 300 speech writers are a lose form of Communist I say Lose as since days of President Nixon Principally Dominion used only twice in The United States First The Civil War with President Grant as while at War the The United States was Dissolved in War and Second during World War II The United States was Dissolved in War and President Grant entered office as We The People and World War II the Dominion was Allied Supreme Command as a 5 star General of The Allied of The Victory of World War II are the only two Principally Dominion used and in such the use of Two Senator's to break the Constitution of The United States are John F Kennedy and Barack Obama is a area to note such concern in his speaking is self centered as no Principally Dominion exist today or is expected to exist that is the Reason The United States has a Presidential Elector and a member of The United Nations

Guy Perea Presidential Elector President of The United States

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