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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Banking by Jeb Bush in Venezuela that link with Cuba and France

As the World Bank leader Jeb Bush renew his move into The multi Billion Dollars Political machine that has to replace closed Liberal Banks in Venezuela Cuba and Paris leaves 12 dead at cost of Jeb Bush reorganization of his Banking World Wide stopped Personal Loans to a Liberal Magazine that was due the shooters leaves no excuse to Jeb Bush and his links in Paris and Venezuela that Obama earmark a escape for Jeb Bush out of his Link with Castro that Jeb Bush fell into while he was Governor of Florida makes Jeb Bush the Most wanted Man on earth as he can move Banks just as he can move shooters as he leaves the Board Room for a higher ring called The GOP +25 A multi Billion Dollar industry of Cross roads.....

Guy Perea Presidential Elector President of The United States

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