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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela a former Subject of The Crown of Britain and England in
South Africa and in review of His pain and suffering He had in early
years of His battle to Political Reviews of the Human mind in South
Africa from the Heavy Rule of Britain and England over His Country
while He in Prison more then 17 years into locked away domain with His
wife by His side in His self declare title of President of South
Africa which He pattern after The United States Constitution of
Elector Self proclaim "President alone" tho I as Elector do not
measure up to Nelson Mandela Battle as one with a Country tho He Love
as Britain and England "United Kingdom" but in Love a misunderstanding
can happen by either Country in that misunderstanding did rest with
United Kingdom just as many past Battles have happen in Canada,
Bahama's, The over the need to Self Governor again is well within the
Knights order of United Kingdom Royal Jurisdiction into Sheriffs of
the Kingdom Subjects in Knights Preside over such Jurisdiction and
such term President is not uncommon. Thus in President Mandela
allegiance rest in His Love of The United Kingdom and South Africa and
after the many years in Prison His Love has and is being fulfilled as
He pass on to the Love of His own Maker - The Perea Administration
shall miss Him.

President of The United States
Guy Ralph Perea Sr President of The United States
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